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Quality Assurance Analysis

Testing and assuring quality in your projects and products is a fundamental way to reduce risk and threats. Quality Assurance is one of InScope's service pillars. Testing and assuring quality in your projects and products is a fundamental way to reduce risk and threats. If you need to be certain of success on delivery, think Quality Assurance with InScope. Some of the Quality Assurance services we offer include:

Quality Testing

Quality testing includes but is not limited to functional testing, integration testing and regression testing. InScope Quality Analysts make sure that your team's hard work doesn't go to waste. We can help your team think with a quality mindset as your product is being planned and developed. We'll create testing scripts for your team and perform testing to ensure that the product is ready. Our Quality Analysts don't just tell you if something is broken, they are experienced professionals who will help to isolate the problem and suggest ways to improve the product.

Test Automation

Test automation not only saves money, it ensures more thorough quality checking. InScope's Quality Analysts can automate your testing efforts to save your team time and effort. This may involve digitally creating user events - like mouse clicks and keystrokes - or API driven testing that feeds system information and collects responses.

Performance Testing

Will your system perform well once it is out of the test environment and in the hands of your staff or customers? Our Quality Analysts provide high standard performance testing that soothes these doubts by testing your product's speed, power, security, and resilience, giving you confidence that your system is ready for go-live and can handle whatever your users throw at it.

User Acceptance Testing

InScope analysts can work with your users or customers, designing tests with step-by-step instructions and collecting their valuable feedback. This testing is usually done near the end of your project. It helps you to be confident that your users understand the system and that it meets all their expectations.

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