InScope's Services

Project & Program Management

Projects that are properly planned, executed, and monitored help organizations to improve efficiencies, gain competitive advantage, and contribute to their short-term and long-term success. Professionalism and excellent project and program management is fundamental to business growth and development. Our consultants have a depth of experience across multiple sectors including Government departments, Telecommunication, Information Technology, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Financial Institutions and Health departments. InScope will support your businesses to complete projects not just on time and within budget but also deliver projects with remarkable results. We can provide expert resources to augment your team, or we can own a project from end to end. InScope's experienced consultants will help your organization in:

Project and Program Management delivery

InScope's project & program managers provide expertise for leading all phases of a project or program using industry standard methodologies and applying Project Management best practices.

PMO Implementation

As organizations grow in maturity to manage projects, the need for establishing standardized practices becomes paramount. This can be accomplished by creating a Project Management Office. InScope's consultants will work with you to set up a PMO by helping implement standard practices and policies, creating documentation templates, and selecting and customizing the right methodology to fit your needs and your organization's strategic goals.

Project Management Software Implementation

While great project managers do not require specialized Project Management software to deliver success, we understand that having a tool does benefit PMs and PMOs immensely. InScope provides expertise in selecting, implementing, and training your PMO on a centralized technology solution.

Foundation and Advanced Training

InScope provides customized training for your staff. Training options include Project Management Fundamentals, Advanced Project Management Practices, Risk Management, Managing Change in High-Impact Projects, and more.

PMO Maturity Assessment

InScope provides businesses with expertise to do a PMO Maturity Assessment. Our consultants have proven record of providing highly tactical and strategic recommendations that various organization have implemented to reach the next stage in your PMO's maturity.

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