InScope's Services

Business Analysis & Systems Analysis

We live in a sea of information. Business and System Analysis is about finding the right data and making sense of it, to ensure that your project is delivering value.

Requirements Planning

InScope Analysts work with your team and its stakeholders to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks associated with your current and potential future states. We'll design solution criteria and selection methods so you can be confident in your approach and its return on investment. We'll design the questions that cut through symptoms and get to the issues your business wants to address, and we'll lay out a path for collecting the needed information to move forward.

Functional Requirements Gathering and Documentation

InScope analysts will work with your team to really drill into what the system or product should do or accomplish. Understanding your business and documenting your requirements ensures that your product is designed to accomplish its purpose.

Non-Functional Requirements Gathering and Documentation

Non-functional requirements outline how a system should work. Experienced analysts know that a working product is more than just a set of features. We'll gather and document the unstated business needs. These include performance and capacity, security and recoverability, scalability, user experience and more.

Business Process Re-Design and Optimization

InScope Analysts examine vital business processes and use a library of methods to find, test and implement processes that increase productivity, reduce effort or cycle times, remove process inefficiencies, improve product quality, and make your customers happier.

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