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Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management, or OCM is one of InScope's service pillars. We ensure that your organization has what it needs to make transitions successful. We'll see that your leaders fully understand and support the changes and that communications and training are developed and delivered when needed. InScope's experts will offer will help your organization in:

Change Management Strategy Development and Execution

InScope's certified organizational change management expert can provide guidance and best practices to help plan and make your change a success. Our expert will work to ensure change management becomes an essential part of your organization's culture so everything from departmental process changes to enterprise-wide transformations have what's needed to succeed. InScope's expert will help map out and execute the strategy as well as get the right people, in the right roles driving this strategy so that those who will be impacted by change feel confident that they are in good hands and that what's being done is in the best interest for them and the organization as a whole.

Communication Strategy Development & Implementation

InScope's OCM expert will work with your leaders and other key influencers to develop and deliver the needed communications, so the key messages are delivered at the right times to help generate interest and create positive momentum.

Process and Technology Training (Development and Delivery)

In order for change to be understood & accepted by all those impacted, it is critical that key team members participate and provide input in the development of the new processes and the selection of the new technologies they will be using. Only once they feel that they are part of the solution and that their opinions & ideas matter, will the change reach its full positive momentum. InScope's OCM professional can lead the development and delivery of the training while using your organization's influencers to showcase the new benefits.

Post Implementation Reinforcement

This is all about operational support post go-live. InScope's OCM expert will make sure that your organization has the processes and procedures in place and your team members have all the support needed to quickly identify and resolve issues, so the organization's transition is smooth and all experiences are positive.

Benefits Realization

InScope's organizational change management expert will make sure that all the analytics are tracked and available so when senior management wants to compare the expected results with the actuals, all the numbers and facts are ready. This means future decisions can be made with confidence.

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