InScope website refresh completed

April 1, 2022

Starting April 1, 2022, you'll notice a new look and new information on the InScope website, The updated website captures some of the changes that InScope has under gone in recent times. What has changed?

New Logo

With help from Spartan Impressions, InScope switched to a new logo in 2020, which emphasizes our value on "focus." We really aim for the right consultant for the right role. The new logo is now used consistently throughout our site and socials.

New Partner

After some years as one of InScope's senior project consultants, Cory Alexander also joined the leadership team for InScope in 2019. You can see his profile in the updated Leadership page.

New Service Breakdowns and Explainer Videos

Our services are now more clearly broken out and come with explainer whiteboard animations to help you understand what InScope will do to assist your business.

New Faces

Instead of stock imagery, our main website image gives you a glimpse at some of the real, local faces that have served our customers. Not all of our associates are pictured, and due to the freedom that independent consulting affords, not all of those pictured may be offering their services at a given point. But these are faces that have helped to shape our business and many of our customers' businesses.

We hope you'll find the new site useful and easy to navigate. We'd like to thank the award winning creative team at Unite Interactive for the new design.


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