Azhar Laldin presents at ATLSECCON

April 10, 2024

On Thursday April 4, Azhar Laldin delivered a presentation at ATLSECCON 2024. The Atlantic Security Conference was held at the Halifax based security conference.

CISO (and other Security Leaders) are often considered to be in a technically focused role. However, CISOs are becoming an essential partner for not only implementing security but also to support organization's business objectives, build collaborative partnerships with other parts of the organization, and to be the champions for promoting a culture of security. Due to this evolution in their role, it is critical for CISOs to identify and grow in their non-technical skills.

Azhar Laldin is the founding director for InScope and was speaking in his capacity as an IT security expert and as a director for Castellan, a security services consultancy. His presentation highlighted some of the key leadership traits that a CISO should posses and grow in to be the leader their staff look up to and their peers trust and respect.

ATLSECCON is a non-profit, volunteer-led information-security conference held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Established in 2011, the conference is widely known as a knowledge repository for Atlantic Canada. Our mission is to provide quality information-security education and social networking accessible to all. It fills an industry gap to present a forum for attendees to harness the value of their shared experiences, for sponsors to showcase their industry solutions, and for speakers to provide diversified insights.​



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