Project and Program Management

InScope provides expertise in managing programs / projects, establishing a PMO, or developing client-specific best practices for successful project management. Our Associate Consultants have experience in Academic, Agriculture, Financial Services, Information Technology and Telecommunications sectors.

InScope was the recipient of PMI Manitoba Chapter’s "2013 Project of the Year" award.

Business Analysis & System Analysis

InScope provides expertise in business as well as systems analysis. Our Associate Consultants have experience in a wide range of sectors and industries.

Integrated Information Security

Inscope’s Integrated Information Security Vulnerabilities Assessment examines the critical corporate and operational components required within an organization and treats the challenge of information security as more than simply a Cyber or IT issue.  This comprehensive vulnerability assessment conducts a detailed programmatic-based analysis of a company’s governance structure, corporate culture, emergency management capabilities, relevant personal and physical security measures, policies and procedures to manage information and build a strong internal and integrated information security program.

Organizational Change Management

Pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Heraclitus stated, “There is nothing permanent except change.” His words are truer today than when he spoke them. Companies of all sizes are dealing with the reality of constant change brought on by projects, changes in technology or changes in the business. Whether the client organization is going through changing one or two processes, or implementing an organization wide change, InScope’s Associate Consultants bring experience and expertise to help our clients properly plan and implement the change .

Business Transformation

At InScope, we recognize that business transformation is critical to the longevity of any company. External factors such as technology, barriers to entry, emerging markets, and changing client demographics require organizations to adapt, and evolve.

At InScope, we provide expertise in business transformation services that help our clients to define best practices, streamline business processes, and utilize technology to support critical business initiatives.

Instead of a cookie-cutter approach, InScope Associate Consultants strive to understand our clients’ business, and then draw upon their experience in other sectors to provide a unique solution tailored to the client’s specific business and industry.

Business Solution Evaluation, Recommendation and Implementation

At InScope, our Associate Consultants provide expertise in evaluating challenges or opportunities faced by our clients. After understanding the nature of this challenge and opportunity, our Associate Consultants gather requirements and key indicators for evaluating solutions. They will then provide leadership and guidance to our clients through a process of ‘critical evaluation’, honing in on the final recommendation that will serve our client’s business the best.

And of course, InScope's Associate Consultants are ready to continue with the implementation of the recommended solution.

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