InScope PMC announces the launch of a new Integrated Information Security (IIS®) service

May 1, 2017

Winnipeg-based InScope Project Management & Consulting Inc. (InScope) is pleased to announce the launch of a new service to organizations in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and North Western Ontario that provides solutions to their information security challenges.

InScope's Integrated Information Security Vulnerabilities Assessment will assist organizations with the growing global need to protect their private, confidential and proprietary information. This new service examines an organization's critical corporate, operational, and technical capabilities to secure its data and identifies weaknesses that are placing information at risk.

InScope is pleased to draw upon a team of IT, Cyber, Corporate Security, and law enforcement professionals to offer this unique integrated service. This team brings significant executive-level experience in the private and public sectors to help clients secure their information.

InScope believes that accurately assessing an organization's capacity to secure its information requires more than technical IT and Cyber-related countermeasures. An integrated and enterprise-wide approach is necessary to properly address the sophistication of today's evolving external and internal threats. Success requires a convergence of IT, physical, and personnel security strategies.

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